Holy Trinity Church Tarleton | My Funeral Wishes
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My Funeral Wishes

Funeral Arrangements.

It can and sadly does happen that a family or friends arranging our funerals, while clearly wanting the best for us, do not share our understanding of the Christian faith, or our belonging to the family of God, His Church. Thus, while it may have always been our hope that our funeral would take place in our parish church and that the pattern of the service, the hymns and the prayers, give the opportunity for our friends to join in, as well as our family.

You may have been a regular worshipper and communicant and would wish to have a Requiem Eucharist for your funeral service. It can happen that such arrangements are curtailed by those arranging the funeral and a service is offered, just at the crematorium, with an officiating minister who has no connection with our Anglican Parish Church.

The family do have the legal right to decide these matters after our death, but it would be a great help to them if a written document, signed by you, made your wishes clear. If you wish for specific arrangements to be made then by completing the paper, found at the back of Church, and returning it to Church, it can then be placed in the Church safe and a copy kept with your will, or papers. This would help your family greatly. It would also enable the parish priest, when he speaks to those arranging the funeral, your family and, perhaps more importantly, the undertakers, to explain what you, a member of the Church, would desire at your funeral.

If you wish to speak to the clergy about this, please do. It is not morbid to make such arrangements, for as we believe and hope in the resurrection to eternal life, so this is part of our own preparation for death and of being careful for others.


For further information, please contact Parish Administrator.